vPoller - Distributed vSphere API Proxy

vPoller is a distributed VMware vSphere API Proxy, designed for discovering and polling of vSphere objects.

It uses the VMware vSphere API in order to perform discovery and polling of vSphere objects.

vPoller uses the ZeroMQ messaging library for distributing tasks to workers and load balancing of client requests.

vPoller can be integrated with other systems, which require access to vSphere objects, but do not have native support for it.

Possible scenarios where vPoller could be used is integration with monitoring systems as part of the discovery and polling process in order to provide monitoring of your VMware vSphere environment.

vPoller has been tested with VMware vSphere 5.x and with very limited testing on vSphere 4.x

vPoller is Open Source and licensed under the BSD License.


vPoller is hosted on Github. Please contribute by reporting issues, suggesting features or by sending patches using pull requests.


Probably. If you experience a bug issue, please report it to the vPoller issue tracker on Github

Getting started

A good place to start with vPoller is to go over the Terminology page in order to get familiar with the concepts and terms used in vPoller.

Once ready with that go ahead to the Installation of vPoller and Configuration of vPoller documentations, which provide all the details about how to install and configure vPoller.

Make sure to also check the Example usage of vPoller page and see how to run your first vPoller task requests.